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Meenachilites are a very hospitable lot. They are nostalgic too. They return to their roots at least once a year, no matter how distant they are placed. Formally it used to be during the local festivals. Summer time special trains too can not contain the in flow. People are generous. The best institutions in the town like the shrine (Kurushupally), and the famous colleges were built by contributions from its generous people. Palaites are religious. On Sundays, roads bear a deserted look. Religious festivals are great occasions for celebrations. The way of the cross on Good Friday is a big draw. Tapioca is the staple food.

Margamkali and Arjuna Nritham are popular dance forms. Margamkali and martial arts like Parichamuttukali, are popular among the Syrian Christian community. It is performed by men and women separately. In the past, it was performed during Syrian Christian weddings. Arjuna Nritham, also known as Mayilpeeli Thookkam is a popular dance form performed by men. Besides these, other South Indian dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattom, and Kuchipudi and classical Carnatic music are also practiced by a large number of young people.


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